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The refurbed Process

Refurbed products undergo an up-to 40 step process until they are like new again - we have highlighted 5 key steps below:

Refurbisher buys used electronics

1. Supplier buys pre-loved tech

Deleting the data from used electronic devices

2. Data cleanse

Refurbishing defective components

3. Swap of faulty parts

Polishing the exterior of used electronics

4. External preparation

Refurbisher sells the devices through refurbed marketplace

5. Sold via refurbed

  • 94 billion l

    Virtual water saved*

    since foundation

  • > 6.6 million

    Trees planted**

    since foundation

  • 885 t

    E-waste saved

    since foundation

  • 270,000 t

    CO₂ saved

    since foundation

Promotion of environmental protection projects

Refurbished products are more sustainable than new ones – this is scientifically proven. This also shows that everyone can make a significant contribution to environmental protection, and together, we can do even more. With your support, we therefore promote tried and tested, as well as new, measures to protect our earth. In this way, we can ensure a livable future together.

Electronic waste recycling

Our partner buys electronic waste in countries where minimal recycling is done and makes this material available for new products.

CO₂ removal from the atmosphere

We support projects that remove CO₂ from the air and store it permanently – for example in rocks or algae.

Restoration of landscapes

Goes beyond solely planting trees. Ecosystems are repaired and jobs are created.

*Savings compared to new purchase based on the environmental impacts through our ISO 14040/44 verified calculation model.

**Between 2018 and 2024, we planted over 6.6 million trees, which we are very proud of. Since February 2024, we have been supporting a number of highly effective environmental protection projects.

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