We are refurbed

We are the leading marketplace for refurbished electronics in Ireland. Our products are up to 40% cheaper than new, and more sustainable. They are restored using up to 40 separate steps, after which they function, look and feel brand-new.


Our Vision

We provide a better alternative to new and used products. Better still: Thanks to our refurbed Carefree-Package, our customers enjoy a risk-free experience.

Our vision is to establish the idea of refurbed across all of Europe and do our part for a more sustainable world.

Refurbed has created a catalogue with quality criteria that allows us to consistently meet the highest standards.

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Our story

Our story began with our founder Peter buying an iPhone via a website for secondhand products. Just a few weeks after his purchase, the phone died and, in absence of a warranty, Peter had to pay the full cost of having his phone repaired.

So who is to blame? Some might say that Peter should have been aware of the risk. But he had good reasons to decide against buying a brand-new device.

Many people are unaware of just how harmful new electronic devices are to the environment, the production of which lead to CO₂-emissions and the use of valuable resources. On top of that, when a device is no longer functioning like-new, it is often simply thrown out – leaving behind electronic waste, which is tricky to safely dispose.

And so the idea of refurbed was born: a platform for refurbished products that meet an ambitious set of criteria with regards to safety, quality and their warranty. This empowers consumers to conduct their purchases in an easier, risk-free and sustainable manner.

  • Warranty

    30-day trial period and minimum 12-month warranty

  • Inexpensive

    Save up to 40% vs new on your purchase

  • Green

    We plant a tree for every device sold

The Team

Peter Windischhofer / Founder

Peter Windischhofer


Long-time consultant at McKinsey & Company, focus on e-commerce. Prior to that, business studies in Vienna, Shanghai and San Francisco.

Kilian Kaminski / Founder

Kilian Kaminski


Former Head of the Refurbished Products Program and New Key Account Manager at Amazon Germany. Prior to that, business studies in Hamburg, Shanghai and London.

Jürgen Riedl / Founder

Jürgen Riedl


Founder and technical lead for many international startups. Prior to that, software & information engineering studies at the Technical University Vienna.

refurbed team

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